Tiger Icebreaker2 Break/Jump

Icebreaker2 Break/Jump Cue TIB

Each Icebreaker2 break/jump cues are equipped with TIGER IB shaft, phenolic ferrule, Icebreaker tip, radial Tiger joint protectors and a soft velvet case. This unique cue butt breaks into three pieces giving the player total control on long or short jump shots. Tigers' patented unique X5 lamination system is used to make the butts, making the cue as solid as it can be. Our unique weight balance control and patented design gives the cue it's unique ability to adapt to any power break/jump shot and still give the player a total control. Icebreaker cues, power beyond imagination!

Additional X series shafts are specifically made for Tiger Icebreaker2 break/jump cue.
Most bar players know how difficult it is to shoot when there is not much space around the table or a pole is too close to the table and you need a short stick to make the shot. Icebreaker butt breaks in to 3 pieces, so there are lots of options for the player at any situation. However you don't want to make the most important shot with your break shaft. This is where the X series made for the Icebreaker comes in as the perfect choice for these situations. Don't take a chance & make, what seems to be the most difficult shot for some, look very easy for you. It can be the difference between winning or losing.

Available choices to pick from are Ultra-X high performance, Ultra-X LD and Pro-X low deflection shafts.

Standard cue specifications and items included:

• Length 58"
• Weight 17.5oz. - 20.5oz.
• No Wrap
• Shaft - IB high performance shaft 29"
• Cue tip - Icebreaker cue tip - 13.00mm
• Ferrule - Phenolic ferrule
• Joint protector - Radial Tiger joint protectors
• Case - Soft black velvet Tiger cue case

price: £415.61