This system is reusable, over and over again!

The Slug-DoctorTM Tight Rack System is a setup tool kit that transforms your pool table's racking area to give you the tightest racks possible. Rest assured that all of the billiard balls will be frozen/touching before being blasted open by your break.

The Slug-DoctorTM can be set up permanently or temporarily and can be used on multiple pool tables.

The Slug-DoctorTM Tight Rack System includes the following: the SD-910TM template; the SD-DATTM dot applicator tool; and clear ultra-thin Dot Reinforcement Labels (roll of 200).

Works on all size pool tables. The SD-910TM model works for only 9-Ball and 10-Ball. Made for use with regulation-sized, 2 1/4" diameter billiard balls.

"I think every private table owner & Billiard Club should have a Slug Dr, faster, fairer play that helps make our sport more enjoyable for all."
- Joe Tucker, Pro Player - Instructor
Producer of Racking Secrets I & II

"I REALLY like it! It's like using the M**** Rack and not having to put it in place and remove it every game. Very cool, and the video is excellent too!"
- Jay Helfert, author of Pool Wars

price: £24.99

This product is no longer available