Predator Panthera3-2

Predator Panthera3-2
Panthera3 Special Editions by Jacoby

The pursuit continues. Introducing the latest generation of the heralded Panthera series of special edition cues by Jacoby. True to their lineage, Panthera3 cues draw their inspiration from the vibrant and fierce predatory cats that have long lived as apex Predators. Flawlessly crafted from Black Ash Burl, rich Gabon Ebony, and warm Micarta, these majestic cues feature rose-gold alloy rings, accents and inlays – emerging ready to pounce with a customizable Uni-Loc weight cartridge system and Predator’s world renowned 3143 and Z3 low deflection shafts. Only 100 of each individually signed and numbered Panthera3 will be unleashed, making them an extraordinary sight to behold.

Predator Panthera3-2
• Black Ash Burl
• Gabon Ebony
• Micarta
• Rose-Gold Alloy Rings
• Rose-Gold Alloy Accents
• Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System
• Uni-Loc Radial Pin

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• Shaft: 3143, Z3, Vantage, Revo 12.4, Revo 12.9
• Length: 29″
• Standard tip: Predator Victory Tip (medium)
• Joint: Uni-Loc Radial Pin Joint
• Standard weight: 19oz (18.5-20.5 available) adjustable in .10 oz increments
• Wrap: No Wrap

*Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System sold separately

price: £2120.00

This product is no longer available