Mezz EC9 Series*

Mezz EC9 Series


The successor of the EC7 series brings a fresh appreciation for the natural beauty of exotic woods. A simple but striking design of the new EC9 accompanied with accented white and double stitched silver rings accentuates its elegance.

Introducing the minimal deflecting straight pro taper shaft, the WX-Σ advances players capabilities in competition. Using a variety of rare woods in line with the Miki’s ideology, simplicity over complexity, the EC9 is ready to perform.

Shaft: WX-Σ (Sigma)
Shaft length: 737mm (29.0inch)
Tip: Kamui Original (S)
Joint: United
Butt length: 737mm (29.0inch)
Grip: Irish Linen / No Wrap
Weight: 538~552g (19.0~19.5oz)

EC9-B - Bocote, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-CMN - Curly Maple, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-D - Padauk, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-K - Black Stained Exotic Wood, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-MD - Morado, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-N - Birds Eye Maple, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-P - Purple Heart, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-R - Rose Wood, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-W - Wenge, with Irish Linen Wrap
EC9-WMB - Birds Eye Maple, with Bocote Grip
EC9-WMK - Birds Eye Maple, with Black Wood Grip
EC9-WMM - Birds Eye Maple, with Birds Eye Maple Grip
EC9-WMP - Birds Eye Maple, with Purple Heart Grip
EC9-WMR - Birds Eye Maple, with Rose Wood Grip
Ring: Silver

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price: £430.00

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