Sharpshooter Pool Glove

Sharpshooter Pool Glove
  • This is a one size fits all glove, (for adults) made from a wonderfully smooth and silky material, it has a VERY thin feeling sensation.
  • Pleasingly, the glove is fingerless enabling a good grip of the cloth to be made with the fingertips.
  • A reinforced patch of suede leather-like material reinforces the ball of the palm and additionally aids the grip on the table cloth.
  • An adjustable Velcro fastener at the wrist makes the sometimes difficult chore of putting the glove on slightly easier.
  • This glove is NOT reversible and therefore is only suitable for right-handed adult players ONLY.
  • Available in black, the glove feels vastly superior to other models and even a little bit sexy, it is so shiny and smoooooth.

price: £16.32