Dr Popper Jump Q

Introducing the Dr Popper Jump Q
"Jump to the Next Level"

• The best dedicated jump cue in the world
• Sleek, modern design will jump from less than 1 chalk away
• Will jump anywhere on the table
• Now with a durable 5/16x18 Joint

Golf has its sand wedge. Now pool has the Dr Popper Jump Q!

This is not your average jump cue. The Dr Popper Jump Q’s graphite shaft, coupled with a solid phenolic tip, allows maximum energy transfer for those shots that would otherwise be impossible with any other legal cue.

The Dr Popper Jump Q allows you to jump over an object ball less then an inch away. Due to the Dr Popper’s light weight, the cue ball will travel a more vertical trajectory, getting up and down in a shorter distance. Using the dart style method, allows you to jump balls anywhere on the table.

After two and half years of experimenting, we were able to put together an excellent jump cue. The smaller diameter shaft allows for even the smallest hand to control. The weight towards the tip end makes it easier to use. Like anything brand new, after we had tried it for awhile, we realized there were some amazing shots that could be done. We know after you try this cue, you will develop your own unique shots.

price: £137.46

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