Pro Series 2x2 Black/White

Pro Series 2x2 Sport Style Black/White Hard Case
  • 2 butt and 2 shafts configuration.
  • Stunning "golf bag" inspired organic padded design.
  • Strong case construction finished with luxurious materials.
  • Two very generous sized pockets.
  • Strong web shoulder strap.
  • Sturdy handle made from robust material.

This magnificent design has been strongly influenced by the ergonomic styling of modern golf bags, and the transition has worked perfectly, the result being a sturdy case with a beautifully opulent finish.

Definitely one for the "cue case connoisseurs" who are looking for something attractive and unique, whilst still being sturdy and functional - this new design is a real beauty and we expect these to sell like hot cakes!

Due to the weight/size of this product free shipping is only available within the UK.

price: £189.00