Bear BP-7 with 2 Shafts

New Bear BP-7 Cue Butt
Complete with 2 shafts.

Handcrafted inlays made of noble, synthetic turquoise in combination with mirror polished nickel silver rings are giving this cue a luxurious look and feel.

Its Pro-Taper shaft is made from the best, tough maple wood and flawlessly manufactured. To optimise cue ball control, it features a 12,75 mm Juma ferrule, which is very popular for good its hit qualities and often compared with ivory. Its extremely durable Thomas tip, with 8 layers of the finest pig skin available, is well known for its good adhesion to chalk and resistance to fungus.

A soft, non slippery grip wrap made from fine calf skin provides a smooth and comfortable cue control. The innovative and patented Uni-Loc-Joint connects the shaft and the butt with equal pressure and high precision.

Bear Shaft
• Tip: Thomas black multi layer tip
• Ferrule: 12,75mm Juma ferrule
• Shaft Material: Canadian maple

Predator Shaft
The third generation of the very popular 314 shafts from Predator come with a new front end construction and even more stable high tech materials.

The V-Tek front end construction with the V-Tek ferrule and –fiber tip provides more stability and less weight. It features the 10-piece iMatch Pairing which is giving the cue more density and stiffness.

The Victory tip features 8 layers of pure performance and is developed to maintain optimum compression for its entire life time.

• Predator Victory tip
• Tip diameter 0.50" (12,75 mm)
• Pro taper
• Ferrule length 0.50" (12,8 mm)
• Uni-Loc joint
• Shaft length 29"

Bear Butt
• Joint: Uni-loc
• Joint Collar: 20mm Stainless Steel
• Forearm: maple stained black
• Wrap/Handle: Real cow leather embossed with Bear Logo
• Inlays: Blue turquoise, ebony wood
• Butt Sleeve: maple stained black with blue turquoise and white bone
• Rings: Blue synthetic turquoise stone and silver color rings
• Soft-bag, joint protectors
• Length: 148 cm

price: £495.00