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Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union - National Greek 9ball Championships

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Date: Tuesday, November 14 2017 @ 08:38:55 UTC
Topic: 9 Ball

Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union - National Greek 9ball Championships
Hill-Hill Club
30-32 Papagou Avenue
Tel: +30 21 0779 8623
www.online-brackets.com - men - women

23 - 26 November 2017

9ball Singles Men-Women National Championship Finals 2017

1. Finals of the Union’s 9ball Singles Men - Women National Championship for 2017 season will take place between 23rd and 26th of November 2017 at Hill-Hill Club in Athens.

2. Men’s semifinals, Women’s final and Men’s final will be held at Mikis Theodorakis Theatre in Argyroupolis, on 28/11, with the cooperation of the Municipality of Ellinikon-Argyroupolis which will continue during 2018 for the Union’s School program.

Entrance for the public is free.

3. 64 players in national level will participate.

4. All matches will be played in race to 9 frames (Men) and 7 frames (Women), alternate break format.

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5. Part of the games will be live-streamed freely through network and TV coverage.

6. Completion of the championship will result to the first 16 players (Greek A 9ball division), 17-32 placed of the final ranking as Greek B 9ball division and the rest as Greek C 9ball division for 2018.

7. World class players participate among others in these games, expected to present a spots spectacle at high level.

The union will take care of the best possible tournament organization, with valuable sponsorship help in international and domestic level.

For more information:
fb: “HPBU”

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