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2012 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship Program Release!

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Date: Wednesday, November 09 2011 @ 10:17:56 UTC
Topic: General

2012 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship
Artistic Pool & Trick Shot Association
The U.S. Governing Body of Artistic Pool
Download the Official Shot / Challenge Programme - 1.6Mb PDF file

9 November 2011

A selection of the shots included in the 2012 Shot Programme

Dear Artistic Pool Players, Fans, and Friends

In consideration of the 2012 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship, the WPA Artistic Pool Division has been working on a revised and updated shot / challenge program for several months, using the 2011 WC Program as a statistical guide in the overall process. There were a number of valued suggestions from the APTSA (Artistic Pool and Trick Shot Association) Shot Committee for some of the same shots being used. Primary focus for the 2012 program was to maintain higher percentage make rate challenges, which included keeping some of the new shots that were introduced at the 2011 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship.

Since the 2012 event is only 4 months away, it is necessary for the WPA APD to start the invitation process and release the new shot / challenge program for player practice and fan interest. A unanimous vote by the WPA APD has approved all program contents and its release at this time.    

Please see the attached document (2 formats) of the 2012 WPA World Artistic Pool Shot / Challenge Program. An official tiebreaker challenge is included after the last masse shot in the program. We feel this program is player, fan, media, and sponsor friendly. In addition, it should help maintain competitive fairness for all participants to determine the next WPA World Artistic Pool Champion.    

Mark Dimick, President
WPA Artistic Pool Division

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General Rules
The following general rules will apply to all shots, unless specifically overridden by shot description.

1.All shots will be judged based on the intent of the shot. If any loophole is found that changes the intent of the shot, those changes to the shot will not be allowed.

2.Any balls or object specified as ‘ball-in-hand’ may be placed anywhere on the table, provided that the intent of the shot is preserved.

3.Any balls or object specified as ‘ball-in-hand’ but has additional positioning requirements may be adjusted freely by the player provided that the additional requirements are met.

4.All balls specified as ‘hanging near a pocket’ may be freely adjusted by the player near that pocket within reason.

5.Any object or ball that must be positioned within a zone must be completely in that zone.

6.Any ball that must come to rest within a zone will be considered in that zone if any part of the ball is within the zone, measured by the edge of the ball.

7.All chalk cubes placed on the table must be well up, and must be square with the table (may not be rotated), unless otherwise stated.

8.All measurements of 1 chalk’s width will be measured with a cue of chalk held at mid-ball height (the widest part of the ball), unless otherwise stated.

9.It is always okay for a ball to contact an extra cushion near a ball hanging in a pocket, unless otherwise stated.

10.It is always okay for the cue ball to scratch, unless otherwise stated.

11.At no time may any ball (cue ball or object ball) fly off the table.

12.Players are free to shoot the mirror image of any shot. Please note that rotating a shot 90 degrees is not the mirror image and will not be allowed.

13.Players are free to shoot any part of any shot with either hand.

14.Players may not switch cues during a shot unless otherwise specified or due to equipment failure.

15.The decision by the table judge is final.

(Example selection of shots).

Discipline 1 – Shot 1a – 6 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 1b – 6 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 1c – 6 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 2a – 7 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 2b – 7 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 2c – 7 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 3a – 8 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 3b – 8 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 3c – 8 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 4a – 9 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 4b – 9 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 4c – 9 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 5a – 10 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 5b – 10 points
Discipline 1 – Shot 5c – 10 points








(Full download has over 100 shots in total).

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