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  Chris Melling Wins the 8-Ball Classic Championship
Posted by admin
on Tuesday, August 07 2018 @ 15:13:45 UTC  (1262 reads)
8 Ball World Pool Series - 8-Ball Classic Championship
IDM Club
Spl. Independentei 319B
www.worldpoolseries.com - facebook - instagram - twittter - results - watch live
www.idmclub.ro - facebook

7-10 August 2018

Click the image to view the full size poster - use "back" to return here.

Chris Melling Wins the 8-Ball Classic Championship

Article - Shirley Ang/WPS
Photography - ©A. Ivanov/WPS

Chris Melling continues to have one of his best seasons since returning to pocket billiards from snooker four years ago.

The stocky Englishman jumped out to a huge lead against Jayson Shaw then nearly gave the match away before rallying late to defeat friend and occasional roommate in the finals of the World Pool Series 8-Ball Classic Championship Friday evening at the IDM Club in Bucharest, Romania.

It was the second significant victory for Melling in 2018, having won the 9-ball competition of the Derby City Classic earlier in the year. He was also the runner-up in the ICEA Chinese Pool World Championships and finished third at the WPS Aramith 9-Ball Players Championship earlier in the year.

“I feel like I deserved it. I felt like I took most of my chances,” Melling said after the match.

The early stages of the title session were almost a mirror image to Melling’s semifinal match earlier in the day against Ioan Ladanyi, as he used a pair of dry breaks from Shaw coupled with three breaks-and-runs to build a 5-1 lead. He committed his first unforced error in the eighth game, misplaying position on the 15-ball and ultimately missing the shot. After Shaw cleared the table to cut the deficit to 6-2, Melling used two unforced errors and a dry break from Shaw and added in a break-and-run to win four consecutive racks and surge ahead, 10-2.

However, Shaw would not go quietly into the Romanian night.

He cleared the table after Melling missed the 9-ball in the 13th game, broke-and-ran and capitalized on two missed shots and a dry break by Melling to cut the lead to 10-6 heading into a 15-minute intermission. Shaw continued applying pressure after the break, taking advantage of a misplayed safety and another missed shot by Melling while mixing in another break-and-run to cut the lead to 12-10. Shaw pulled within one game when he ran out after Melling failed to pocket a ball on the break in the 23rd game.

“Jayson just showed how much character he has. The will to win from being 10-2 down against me,” Melling said. “Without blowing my own trumpet, there’s no one in the world who can get close to me when I’m 10-2 in front and he just showed how good he is.”

That’s as close as Shaw would get. Melling ran out the 24th and 26th games after Shaw broke dry on both occasions. He added a break-and-run of his own in the 25th rack to push the lead to 16-11. Shaw finally landed a ball on the break and ran out in the 28th game, but it was too little too late as Melling did the same to close out the match in the subsequent game.

Shaw struggled with the break throughout the championship, failing to pocket a ball seven times in 14 opportunities. The Scotsman said after the match he didn’t feel that all of the balls were frozen to each other on some racks, adding that rules prohibited requesting a re-rack regardless.

“I’m not disappointed in losing. I’m disappointed in not getting the balls touching,” Shaw said.

“He was very unlucky with his breaks. The dry breaks cost him the match. That’s the in and the out of it really. Anyone who plays pool knows that.” Melling said.

The 8-Ball Classic Championship is the third event of the four-tournament 2018 World Pool Series. This event will be held at the IDM Club in Bucharest, Romania from August 7th to 10th 2018. The World Pool Series is sponsored by Rasson, Aramith, Predator, Iwan Simonis, Tiger, and Kamui. Our suppliers and partners are Billiards Digest, CueScore, Outsville, and the WPA.

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  Mezz Ace Series - launching November - teaser shots revealed so far!
Posted by admin
on Monday, August 06 2018 @ 12:45:54 UTC  (903 reads)

Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.
ACE-185 : Ebony Cue. The white Bigger Juma diamonds with smaller curly maple + Paua shell diamonds design in the forearm and butt sleeve. Irish linen wrap, Stainless steel joint collar, Gunmetal almite coated joint pin, new WX Alpha shaft.

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  Ouschan and He win the Euro-Tour events in Veldhoven
Posted by admin
on Sunday, August 05 2018 @ 09:28:11 UTC  (444 reads)
EuroTour EPBF Eurotour Veldhoven Open 2018
Hotel & Conference Center NH Koningshof
Locht 117
5504 RM

Thursday-Saturday 2-4 August 2018

Mario He and Jasmin Ouschan
Click the image to view the large photograph - use "back" to return here.

Ouschan and He win the Euro-Tour events in Veldhoven

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) and Mario He (AUT) went all the way to glory and pocketed the victories in their respective tournament.

In the men’s event, the Dynamic Billard Veldhoven Open 2018 Euro-Tour, Mario He defeated Eklent Kaci with 9:8 after a thrilling final match. In rack #3, Mario He forced Kaci to commit a foul and got ball in hand. But all of a sudden he found himself snookered behind the 6-ball when the 5-ball was on. He had completely misjudged the positioning of that shot. However, Mario He went for his jump stick and pocketed the 5-ball with a tremendous jump-shot over the whole table, having position for the next ball and running the rack to get to a 2:1 advantage over Kaci. The match went along with both players taking racks in turn. It was pretty striking that both played really accurate and only committed mistakes when the opponent forced them to. Balls were always pocketed into he center of the respective pocket. They both were full of self-confidence and optimism. It was Eklent Kaci in rack #15 who missed an easy 2-ball. He played it on the edge of the corner pocket and allowed Mario He to come back to the table though he could have scored to point into his account, going on the hill first. But instead, Mario He won that rack and got to the hill first, putting a hell of a lot of pressure on Kaci. But he wouldn’t be Eklent Kaci if he couldn’t stand the heat.

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  Final medals awarded at European Pool Championships 2018
Posted by admin
on Sunday, August 05 2018 @ 08:53:43 UTC  (395 reads)
European Pool Championships The Dynamic Billard European Championships 2018
Hotel & Conference Center NH Koningshof
Locht 117
5504 RM

Thursday-Tuesday 19-31 July 2018

Click the image to view the full size photo - use "back" to return here.

Final medals awarded at Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships 2018

The medals for the 9-ball individuals, the final event of the amazing Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships in NH Conference Centre Koningshof, Veldhoven, The Netherlands, have been awarded. Nine new titleholders from nine different nations were crowned today.

In the men’s division, Konrad Juszczyszyn (POL) took the title after an intense match against dark horse Stanimir Ruslanov (BUL). Both players had a heartbreaker to make it to the final. Juszczyszyn defeated Joshua Filler (GER) 9:8 while Ruslanov just made it over Francisco Diaz-Pizarro (ESP) with 9:8. The final match went back and forth with both players being in full swing, but Juszczyszyn had the better end on his side, winning the first men’s gold medal in the 9-ball European Championships ever. „This is a historic moment, not only for me, but also for my country“, said Juszczyszyn after the final match. „I am so happy I can to describe in words how I feel.“

Top 4 Men

1. Konrad Juszczyszyn POL
2. Stanimir Ruslanov BUL
3. Joshua Filler GER
3. Francisco Diaz-Pizarro ESP

In the women’s final match, Kelly Fisher (GBR) took down Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) with 7:4 and defended her title form last year. The US-based Brit just came to the European Championships for the 9-ball division and defended her title in an impressive way.

Top 4 Women

1. Kelly Fisher GBR
2. Jasmin Ouschan AUT
3. Veronika Hubrtova CZE
3. Sara Rocha POR

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  The action is underway at the GB9 Northern Masters
Posted by admin
on Saturday, July 28 2018 @ 07:19:34 UTC  (403 reads)
Park Inn by Radisson Hotel
Telford Centre
United Kingdom
www.gb9balltour.com - facebook - Livestream - Livescore

Friday - Sunday 27-29 July 2018


Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.

The 2018 GB9 Northern Masters

The best pool players from all over the country have made their way to Telford this weekend for the third GB 9 Ball Tour event of the 2018 season - The GB9 Northern Masters.

This event is unique, in that it features the 10-Ball discipline from start to finish, a break from the more relaxed rules of nine-ball, the 10-Ball game features "call shot" rules which can reduce a lot of the perceived luck element, and is a challenging change to the usual format for the players.

Broadcast in it's entirety, live and free of charge on Facebook's live streaming service, videos from several of the more interesting match-ups are now available to view at the tour's official page here... www.facebook.com/gb9balltour.

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  Congratulations Jani Uski (Finland) joins Mezz Cues Pro Team
Posted by admin
on Wednesday, July 25 2018 @ 16:02:11 UTC  (429 reads)

Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.

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  Supreme Pool Series – Harrison wins The Strachan Cup
Posted by admin
on Saturday, July 21 2018 @ 22:49:39 UTC  (490 reads)
English Pool Supreme Pool Series – "The Strachan Cup"
Players Pool & Snooker Lounge
4 Queens Court
Newcastle under Lyme
United Kingdom
www.cuescore.com - early round results - final stage results

Friday-Sunday 17-19 July 2018

Phil Harrison
Click the image to view the larger photo - use "back" to return here.


Article - Michael Day / The Cue View
Photography - ©Martin Peach / Martin Peach Photography

Phil Harrison drew upon his extensive palette of experience to claim the 2018 Strachan Cup; event 2 of the newfangled Supreme Pool Series.

128 of English 8 Ball's top talents traveled to the Players Pool and Snooker Lounge in Stoke-On-Trent for this unique three-day tournament. A strong contingent from UK and Ireland was joined by entries from Europe, Africa and even Australia - another example of the significant progress this series has made in trying to unify and grow the profile of the sport for competitors and fans alike.

Harrison began his campaign with comfortable 11-2 wins over Matt Brierley and Richard King before dismantling global Cuesports star Chris Melling 11-4. The composure of Harrison's game was then shown as he ousted former IPA World Champion Gareth Hibbott 11-10 in the next round.

The 2009 WEPF World Champion's route to the title wasn't without troubles, though, as he was pushed to the Losers Section following an 11-9 defeat to Jordan Church. However, Harrison re-grouped by seeing off Lee Clough 8-6 to qualify for the single elimination Quarter-Finals, where the competition was effectively re-set.

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  Kremlin Cup 2018! All info here!
Posted by admin
on Monday, July 16 2018 @ 17:01:50 UTC  (459 reads)

Click the image to view the larger image - use "back" to return here.

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  Tiger Products - Introducing the new Tiger HD Series
Posted by admin
on Monday, July 16 2018 @ 09:24:03 UTC  (472 reads)
cues | shafts | cue tips | cue case | accessories | wraps | apparel | cue care

Click the picture to view the full size image (use "back" to return here)
View the new Tiger HD Series Cues

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  Nominations for the 8th Straight Pool Hall of Fame
Posted by admin
on Friday, July 06 2018 @ 08:48:13 UTC  (394 reads)
14-1 Straight Pool The 78th BottleDeck.net World 14.1 Tournament
The Spot Billiards Cafe
33 Rte 304
NY 10954
United States
www.theworldtournament.com - facebook

Monday-Sunday 13-19 August 2018


Some tournaments come and go.
The Champions of this one are never forgotten.

Send your nominations NOW! Who will be inducted into this year's Straight Pool Hall of Fame?? Aug 15th Dinner Banquet $60 per ticket buy at www.eventbrite.com/etc... limited to first 100. Pay per view EARLY BIRD special ALL Event pass $85 (save $20) purchase on WorldStraightPool.com! World 141 Club members get more voting points! JOIN!

The World 14.1 will be hosted by The Spot Billiards Cafe. On August 13-19th, 2018, The Spot will have the honor of hosting the longest running and oldest tradition in billiards, the World Tournament of 14.1. For well over a decade, the World Tournament of 14.1 will be staged which has already set the record as the longest consecutive run of the championship ever in its 106 year history, with Dragon Promotions continuing at the helm.

This year's 78th World Tournament of 14.1 will be presented by BottleDeck.net . A star studded 48 player round-robin field is expected for this year's lineup that will be aiming to win the world's greatest straight pool championship. The World 14.1 is sanctioned by the WSA World Sports Alumni.

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