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  Tiger Products - All New Tiger Cue Tips
Posted by admin
on Sunday, December 24 2017 @ 06:59:17 UTC  (483 reads)
home | about | technology | products | contact | showroom | faqs

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View the new and improved Tiger Laminated and Phenolic Cue Tips

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  Iwan Simonis - The Best Cloth - Since 1680
Posted by admin
on Friday, December 22 2017 @ 08:47:26 UTC  (675 reads)

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  Mezz Cues - Reach The Next Level
Posted by admin
on Thursday, December 21 2017 @ 07:48:49 UTC  (469 reads)
Visit the official Mezz Cues website for full information and specifications

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View the official Mezz website here

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  Van Boening Earns Fifth US Bar Table 9-Ball Champion title
Posted by admin
on Sunday, December 17 2017 @ 08:55:11 UTC  (500 reads)
9 Ball 2017 US Bar Table Championships
Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino
3000 Paradise Rd
?Las Vegas
www.ctsondemand.com - brackets

Monday-Saturday 10 - 16 December 2017

Click the image to view the larger photograph - use "back" to return here.

Van Boening Earns Fifth US Bar Table 9-Ball Champion title
Report by Mary Coffman - CueSports International

Shane Van Boening of South Dakota added a fifth US Bar Table 9-Ball Championship to his resume Thursday at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, beating James Aranas of the Philippines in the finals, 9-2.

Van Boening went into the finals undefeated, posting wins over: Abrin Schaad, 9-6; Ernesto Dominguez, 9-3; Oscar Dominguez, 9-7; Billy Stephan, 9-1 and Mitch Ellerman, 9-4. Van Boening beat Aranas to earn the hot seat, 9-7.

Aranas’ path to the finals included beating: Donald Weatherby II, 9-3; Jeremy Edwards, 9-7; Jason Klatt, 9-6; Sky Woodward, 9-8; and Amar Kang, 9-7. After losing the hot seat match, Aranas beat Jesse Engle, 9-2, to earn a place in the finals.

Van Boening kept control in the final match from the start, jumping out to a 4-2 lead. In the seventh rack, the players traded safeties until a kick by Van Boening left the one ball open for Aranas, who then uncharacteristically missed a six ball to let Van Boening back to the table. They traded safeties again until Aranas made a good hit on the seven ball and then scratched, giving Van Boening the game. Van Boening then broke and ran, to go up 6-2. Aranas scratched again in the next rack, giving up another game. Van Boening broke and ran again, then ran out the final rack after Aranas broke dry.

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  Lee completes hat-trick of BWPPA Titles
Posted by admin
on Saturday, December 16 2017 @ 07:56:58 UTC  (578 reads)
BWPPA 2017 BWPPA Ranking Event No.5
- The Predator British 9-Ball Championships 2017

BWPPA/BWCSA Wheelchair CueSport Academy (Stoke Mandeville)
Guttmann Rd
HP21 9PP

Saturday/Sunday 4 - 5 November 2017

Lee completes hat-trick of BWPPA Titles

There was a tinge of sadness in the air at the Wheelchair Cuesports Academy in Aylesbury, for the BWPPA Predator British 9-ball Championship. A few weeks before the event everyone involved with the British Wheelchair Pool Players Association heard of BWPPA stalwart Nick Oliver’s passing. As the first scheduled matches lagged for break there was a clear sense that there was an atmosphere in the air that it was appropriately the end of another season on the worlds largest wheelchair pool tour.

The action got underway following the observation of 30 seconds of applause in memory of Nick, nicknamed “The Great N.O”. Daniel Lee had a tough opening match, he was pushed all the way by his Great Britain Nation Continental Cup team-mate Dave Beaumont before Lee came through a 7-6 winner. In his previous match Beaumont beat Ifty Hussain 7-2, Hussain from Birmingham was returning to wheelchair cuesports for the first time in a number of years.

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Posted by admin
on Friday, December 15 2017 @ 20:59:19 UTC  (429 reads)
9 Ball Baltic Pool League 2017
Final Stage

Billiard club "Hill-Hill"
www.balticpoolleague.eu - facebook

Saturday/Sunday 25-26 November 2017

Margarita Fefilova (BLR) and Pijus Labutis (LIT)
Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2017 Final Stage Champions
All photography courtesy of ©Rolandas Vaizg?la at www.facebook.com/rart.eu
Click the image to view the full size picture - use "back" to return here.


Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League Grand Final was held in Tallinn, Estonia. This time the venue of the event was a newly built pool hall Hill-Hill. As always the final stage was for the best 32 players from overall and best 16 from Women’s and Oldboys rating. This time there were no major shocks as the overall event was won by Pijus Labutis (LIT) and the Womens and Oldboys event was taken by this years European number one women player Margaret Fefilova.

Battle of the generations

The overall division final was very spectacular as there was two very different players in it. Firstly the young and flamboyant young gun Labutis and then a very experienced calculating cue master Tuomas Riipinen from Finland. This match had it all with the leader changing four times. Therefore the credit goes out to both of the finalists, but there may be only one winner and this time it was Labutis by a score 10:6. On the way to the final Labutis was well over Belarussian Vadim Papizh and Riipinen got the best of Kristjan Kuusik from Estonia with both matches ending 10:5.

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  Limited Edition Navigator Cases from McDermott are Here!
Posted by admin
on Friday, December 15 2017 @ 12:21:11 UTC  (384 reads)

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Posted by admin
on Friday, December 15 2017 @ 08:37:57 UTC  (522 reads)
9 Ball 2017 WPA World 9-Ball Championships
Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation
Al-Arabi Sports Club
Al Shaab Street
www.qbsf.qa - facebook
www.wpa-pool.com - Twitter - facebook
www.esnooker.pl - livescore - livestream - brackets

Saturday 9 - Friday 15 December 2017

Carlo Biado of the Philippines
Click the image to view the full size photograph (use "back" to return here)

The Philippines' Carlo Biado wins his first World 9-ball championship with a 13-5 win over fellow Filipino Roland Garcia.

By Ted Lerner
WPA Press Officer
Photos Courtesy of Bo Bader

For the last 12 years the Philippines’ Carlo Biado did everything he needed to do to put himself on the road to being a champion. He dedicated endless hours in practice, money games, tournaments, and worldwide travel all in the hopes of one day reaching the top of the sport. And he also endured plenty of massive disappointments and near misses in big time events, including in more than a few world championships.

Those hard knocks and long days and nights finally paid off on Thursday afternoon in Doha, and in the biggest way possible, as Biado captured his very first WPA World 9-ball title, after a relatively easy 13-5 victory over fellow Filipino Roland Garcia in the final.

One could easily see the sense of relief and triumph on Biado’s face as the last nine ball fell and he realized he had finally accomplished his long cherished goal. Only two years ago, Biado came within a whisker of winning the World 10-ball crown in the Philippines, only to lose right at the wire to Taiwan’s Ko Pin Yi.

The humble and smooth shooting Filipino kept at it, however, and dedicated himself even more. He finally got his US travel visa and honed his skills in the States. Earlier this year he achieved his biggest triumph to date when he won a gold medal at the World Games in Poland.

It was clear all week in Doha that that win in Poland this summer had infused the Filipino with the type of confidence that would soon take him all the way to the pool mountaintop. With a dead-eyed, smooth stroke, cool demeanor and fast pace, the 34 year old Biado has all the tools and time to take this win to even further heights of greatness in the coming years.

For Garcia, his appearance in the final was a welcome revelation to pool fans who may never have heard of the hot shooting 36 year old. He grew up in the same Philippine town as the legend Efren Ryes, and learned much of the game from the Hall of Famer. Those who knew Garcia knew he always possessed surreal skills, and he was a favorite on the Philippine money game scene for years. In 2006 he played in the World Pool Championship in Manila but was way in over his head and fell out in the group stages. He had never produced much on the tournament circuit until he began traveling more in the last three years and he started to get some results. He has spent the last two years living and working in Thailand as a house pro.

This was Garcia’s first ever trip to the World 9-ball Championship since the event came to Doha in 2010 and what a week it was for the Filipino. Up until the final Garcia produced one master class after the next, including beat downs of Niels Feijen, Ko and young gun Klenti Kaci. There’s no doubt the pool world will be hearing more from this exceptionally talented Filipino. That two Filipinos ended up in the final of the World 9-ball Championship may have been a happy coincidence for Pinoy fans around the world, but it was certainly far from a guarantee when play began at 10am local time on Thursday. That’s because the two opponents of Biado and Garcia were also playing lights out throughout the week here.

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Posted by admin
on Wednesday, December 13 2017 @ 19:23:24 UTC  (870 reads)
9 Ball 2017 WPA World 9-Ball Championships
Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation
Al-Arabi Sports Club
Al Shaab Street
www.qbsf.qa - facebook
www.wpa-pool.com - Twitter - facebook
www.esnooker.pl - livescore - livestream - brackets

Saturday 9 - Friday 15 December 2017

Roland Garcia of the Philippines
Click the image to view the full size photograph (use "back" to return here)

Pool will get a new king as Kaci, Garcia, Biado and Wu chase glory in Doha

By Ted Lerner
WPA Press Officer
Photos Courtesy of Bo Bader

After a day of intense pool drama mostly played at the highest levels of the sport, the 2017 World 9-ball Championship has come down to just four players remaining. And what a final four it promises to be.

In one semi-final, Taiwan’s newest pool playing super hero, 22 year Wu Kun Lin, will take on Filipino veteran Carlo Biado, who at 34 years old seems more ready than ever to ascend to the mountain top.

In the other semi-final sits another Filipino, Roland Garcia, who once studied at the foot of the legendary Efren Reyes and has, this week, been showcasing similar magician-like skills. The 36 year old Garcia will square up against pool’s new wunderkind in 18 year old Albanian Klenti Kaci.

Both semi-finals will be race to 11, alternate break and will be played concurrently at 10am Doha time(GMT +3) at the Al Arabi Sports Club. The finals will be a race to 13, alternate break and will begin at 2pm Doha time.

Not only did Wednesday’s action ensure that pool will have a brand new, first time champion come Thursday evening, but it also proved that old axiom that seems to be a common occurrence in pool; once you think you’ve seen it all, something else quickly comes along to prove you wrong.

In this case, unfortunately, that something else had absolutely nothing to do with pool skills played out on the blue pitch. The incident in question happened right at the start of the quarterfinals on Wednesday. Biado had come off a grueling test against fellow Filipino Jeffrey Ignacio, outlasting his younger compatriot 11-7 to advance to the final 8. After a 90 minute rest, Biado sat in his chair waiting for his opponent, China’s Liu Haitao, who had earlier stormed back from a 10-8 deficit to win his final 16 match, 11-10 against Taiwan’s Ko Ping Chung. The veteran Liu, however, was nowhere to be found.

As it turned out, Liu had gone back to his nearby hotel between sessions for a bit of a rest and had likely forgotten to wake up in time. Tournament officials at the hotel were able to roust Liu and put him in a van to try and beat the clock, where rules stated that players get a 15 minute grace period to show up for a match. But Liu arrived at the Al Arabi Sports Club ten minutes past the grace period and found himself disqualified. A shell shocked Liu couldn’t believe what had just happened, and neither could Biado, who was awarded the match by an 11-0 score line without firing in a single ball.

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Posted by admin
on Tuesday, December 12 2017 @ 20:25:07 UTC  (1391 reads)
9 Ball 2017 WPA World 9-Ball Championships
Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation
Al-Arabi Sports Club
Al Shaab Street
www.qbsf.qa - facebook
www.wpa-pool.com - Twitter - facebook
www.esnooker.pl - livescore - livestream - brackets

Saturday 9 - Friday 15 December 2017

Thorsten Hohmann of Germany
Click the image to view the full size photograph (use "back" to return here)

Ouschan, Ko, Filler and Kaci, advance. Hohmann goes back to his ‘old lady.’

By Ted Lerner
WPA Press Officer
Photos Courtesy of Bo Bader

Every pool player has a lucky charm, a secret superstition, a favorite cue or shaft, a special gadget or pendant that they take with them wherever they go to try and give them that extra edge. For Germany’s Thorsten Hohmann that lucky charm this week is his ‘old lady.’

No, the two time World 9-ball champion didn’t bring his girlfriend to Qatar this week. The ‘old lady’ Hohmann refers to is a cue stick that brought him his original glory in the sport and helped him to make a Hall of Fame career for himself.

It was back in 2003 when the pool world had yet to hear of this young hot shot from Germany. But then one week in late July in Cardiff, Wales, playing with a cue from German cue maker Michael Vollmer, the then 24 year old Hohmann went on a tear through the toughest field of the year and shocked the pool world, winning his first World Pool Championship.

Success brought sponsors and Hohmann put away the Michael Vollmer cue for a Lucasi, who sponsored ‘the Hitman’ for the last 12 years. Recently, though, the contract with the cue maker ended, and with few successes to speak of in the last two years, Hohmann decided to dig into his closet and bring out his old friend. It was love a second sight.

Together with his ‘old lady,’ Hohmann today advanced to the final 16 at the 2017 World 9-ball Championship, winning two matches and exuding the confidence and joy for the game he exhibited in 2003 and again in 2013 when he won his second World 9-ball crown in this very venue. Can the ‘Hitman’ do it again, over the next two days, and become only the second man, with Earl Strickland, to capture three World 9-ball crowns? Hohmann knows better than to get ahead of himself. But with the ‘old lady’ in his hands, the German great is feeling better than he has in years, and clearly can’t wait to get out on the blue pitch and compete at the highest levels.

“I’m happy with the way I played,” Hohmann said after a heart thumping 11-10 win against Taiwan’s Chang Yu Lung in the final 32. “I’m breaking pretty good. I made a few mistakes and if I want to win I can’t make those kinds of errors.

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