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European Players - Start your own Rotation Championship Series
 Posted on Thursday, June 23 2016 @ 10:18:12 UTCby admin
14-1 Straight Pool 2017 American Rotation Championship Series VIII
Your Club
Your Town
Your City
Your European Country
www.AmericanRotation.com - rules - facebook - youtube

1 January - 30 December 2017

Click the picture to view the full size image (use "back" to return here)
Visit the official American Rotation website - click here NOW!

2017 American Rotation Championship Series VIII

• Form your own group of 12 or 16 players.
• Each group can run two Series in 2016
• Prize packages for both groups of 12 or 16 are the same;
• 1st Place from each group wins 2017 Derby City Package
• 10 Days double occupancy hotel
• Free entries into three DCC events; 9 Ball Banks One Pocket 9 Ball
• Entry into American Rotation Finals
• $20,000 event with full field (64 Spots available)
• Additional prizes for local payouts are;
• $500 Cash
• $499 OB Rift Break Cue
• $200 Omega Billiards Gift Certificate

With a 12 player group each player will pay $20 for each of their 11 matches.
With a 16 player group each player will pay $10 for each of their 15 matches.
Both groups culminate with an 8 or 12 player in-house playoff.
In the 12 player group the top 8 make in house single elimination playoff.
In the 16 player group the top 12 make it and the top 4 have first round byes.
All money should be collected by one person and sent weekly or monthly.

For the past 3 years all local groups have competed evenly and without the use of handicaps. While we will not being using handicaps at our National events we are allowing local groups to use handicaps to help make things more competitive on a local level. We salute ALL players that have stepped up in the past to play even but we have learned that it is just too difficult to form groups of 12 or 16 who all agree to play even up. The chart below is not meant to make everything 50/50 but is meant to make things much more competitive. We suggest that each player in your group submit their suggested rating for each member of your group to help form an average rating of 50-140 for each player, submitted by the players themselves.

(If both players races do not add up to at least 180 points then use the extended race chart. Sample 55 vs.105 only adds up to 160 points so the new race would be 74 to 140)

New website breaks everything down    www.AmericanRotation.com
Contact Joe Tucker jttenball@gmail.com or PM on Facebook

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"Read More..." for the details.

Rules of play for American Rotation

American Rotation is an improved combination of traditional pocket billiard games.
AR (American Rotation) is played in rotation with balls numbered 1-15, balls 1-10 receive a point value of 1 point each and balls 11-15 receive a point value of 2 points each for a total rack worth 20 points every time. Play continues until one player reaches the predetermined required score to win the match.

With the exception of the very first rack of the match, players will alternate the break and the breaking player will start the rack with ball in hand immediately after the break.

Players lag for the break and the winner of the lag chooses who will break first.

The very first rack of a match is played much like any other rotational game we play.
If the breaking player pockets a ball on a legal break they receive the points for those balls pocketed, they will remain at the table with the option of shooting, playing safe or pushing out. They do not receive ball in hand after the break in this opening rack. Three object balls must pass the head string for a legal break. Balls pocketed do count as a ball past the head string. If three balls fail to pass the head string the player must rebreak.
If the opening breaker fails to pocket a ball on a legal break the opponent comes to the table with the option of shooting, playing safe or pushing out from the current position.
A ball pocketed during a push will be rewarded to the player that takes the shot.

Foul on the opening break (pocket scratch or cue ball off the table) will result in all balls pocketed staying down, points being awarded to non breaking player for those balls pocketed and ball in hand anywhere on the table to the non breaking player. For this reason players may consider passing up the option to break in the very first rack.

Racking order;
15 ball is the head ball, the 2 and 3 balls are racked behind the 15. The 1 ball is in the middle of the rack with the 13 & 14 balls behind the 1 ball with the rest of the balls placed in any order. Rack your own.

When breaking, players can hit any ball in the rack for it to be considered a legal break.
The game or rack does not begin until the cue ball strikes a ball in the rack. Miscues or accidental taps of the cue ball across the line are not fouls and do not start the game. Once the cue ball contacts a ball in the rack the game is considered to have been started.

Note; The only time a ball will be spotted in American Rotation is if an object ball goes off the table on a break shot. This will not be considered a foul and the object ball will be spotted on or directly in line behind the foot spot and play will continue as normal.
During the normal course of play if an object ball is knocked off the table it will be considered a foul, the ball will not be spotted, the incoming player will receive the points, the ball will stay down and ball in hand will be rewarded to the incoming player.

The player that pockets the last ball (not necessarily the 15 ball) on the table of the first rack will start the rotation of alternate breaks with the breaker receiving ball in hand for the very first shot after the break, whether they make a ball or not. If the breaker fouls on their turn of the break the opponent will receive points for all balls pocketed but the breaker will still remain at the table starting the rack with ball in hand.*

American Rotation is a call shot (ball & pocket) and call safe game with standard rotation pool rules applying.

Call shot, call safe rules give the opponent the right to make a player shoot again if they miss a called shot or they pocket a ball on a called safety.
If a ball has been pocketed on the unintended call the player that shoots the next shot (determined by incoming player) will receive the points for any balls that were pocketed on unintended shot.

Example; Player “A” misses the called 5 ball but accidentally sinks the 7 ball.
Player “B” has the option to take the shot from the current location and the point for the 7 ball or make player “A” shoot again with player “A” receiving the point for the 7 ball.

The same goes for a safety situation. Player “A” calls safety but accidentally pockets a ball, player “B” has the option to take the shot from the current location and the points or pass the shot and the points back to player “A”.

Anytime a player misses a called shot the opponent will have the option to make them shoot again or take the shot from the current location.
A player cannot make the player shoot again if the shooting player has called safe, executed a legal shot and did not pocket a ball.

Not hitting the lowest numbered ball on the table first
Cue ball or any object ball off the table (other than on a break shot for object balls)
Moving one or more object balls accidentally during the course of a stroke. If even just one ball moves
during the course of a stroke it will be considered a foul.
It is not a foul to accidentally move just one ball prior to a shot. It does become a foul if you move it back without asking your opponent to leave it there or replace it.
If you have moved two or more balls accidentally prior to a shot your opponent will have the right to move them back to as close to their original positions as possible & receive ball in hand.
If a player has ball in hand and accidentally touches any object ball at any time it is a foul.
Anytime a player fouls the opponent will receive points for any balls pocketed during that shot and will receive ball in hand (with the exception of the alternating break process* see above breaking rules)

The 3 consecutive fouls rule is in effect but it is not loss of game or rack.
If a player has committed 3 consecutive fouls the non offending player will receive a “Free shot” and ball in hand immediately after the free shot. This means the non offending player comes to the table with ball in hand and may shoot into any ball they like (points count for balls pocketed) and take cue ball in hand immediately after this free shot.

A player must let an opponent know they are on 2 fouls anytime prior to their next shot.

Click the picture to view the full size image (use "back" to return here)
Visit the official American Rotation website - click here NOW!

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  14-1 Straight Pool


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