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Evans wins Women’s World Snooker Championship for 9th year
 Posted on Wednesday, April 17 2013 @ 09:22:56 UTCby admin
WLBSA 2013 WLBSA World Snooker Championships
Cambridge Snooker Centre
Coldhams Road
Tel: 01223 2496611

Friday-Monday 12-15 April 2013

Champion Reanne Evans and tournament director Steve Markham.
Photography ©Vicky Carter - used by Pro9 with express permission.

Reanne compiles two century breaks winning world snooker championship final

The 27-year-old accounted for world number one Maria Catalano 6-3 in the World Ladies Billiards & Snooker Association’s (WLBSA) showpiece event at Cambridge Snooker Centre.

Reflecting on her remarkable record, Evans said: “Nobody ever dreams about doing things like that. I’m over the moon.”

“I play every tournament like it’s a fresh one otherwise there’s too much pressure. The pressure’s on me to lose it not for them to win it.”

It was the fourth time in five years that the friends from Dudley, West Midlands, had met in the world final.

Evans kicked off with a 100 clearance in the first frame and added a 60 and a 117 clearance straight after the mid-session interval to take a 5-2 lead.

Catalano, 30, still seeking a first world title, pulled one back with a run of 44 but Evans wrapped things up in the next.

“It’s good to have two centuries, especially in a final,” said the newly-crowned champion. “It’s good to bring it off the practice table because I do it all the time in practice.”

But she added: “It’s hard to get used to the tables because I’m not used to club tables any more.”

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Junior champion Hannah Jones and sponsor Scott Simcox, owner of Jaxx Q Club
Photograph ©Mark Jones - used by Pro9 with express permission.

Elsewhere, Hannah Jones claimed her fifth Junior title. The 16-year-old from Derby beat Jasmine Bolsover, 13, 3-0 in the final.

Earlier, in the main event, Jones defeated number two seed Emma Bonney 3-0 en route to topping her round-robin group before being knocked out 3-0 by Yu Ching Ching in the quarter-finals.

Hong Kong compatriots Ng On Yee and So Man Yan, champions in 2011, accounted for Maureen Rowland and Tatjana Vasiljeva 2-0 to collect their second Ladies Pairs crown.

Suffolk duo Fran Calvert and Aidan Owens edged WLBSA president Mandy Fisher and Phil Mumford 3-2 in the Mixed Pairs final.

Jenny Poulter, from Maidstone, clinched her third Seniors title by beating Marianne Williams 3-0.

Latvian Vasiljeva, who missed out on a fourth straight Mixed Pairs trophy, defeated Poulter 3-0 in the Plate final.

The high-break prize of £50 went to Evans for her 117 against Catalano.

The WLBSA thanked Tony Carr and his staff at Cambridge Snooker Centre, and Jamie O’Neill for stepping in at short notice in the Mixed Pairs as a replacement for fellow professional Joe Perry, who was involved in a world championship qualifier.


Yu Ching Ching: 67, 38, 35.                    
Maria Catalano: 75, 69, 61, 53, 53, 31, 31.
Reanne Evans: 56, 41, 40.                    
Ng On Yee: 62, 51, 51, 46, 40, 39.
Emma Bonney: 57, 45, 38.            
Jaique Ip Wan In: 39.                                            
Hannah Jones: 37, 36.                            
Chitra Magimairaj: 33, 31.

KNOCKOUT (BREAKS)            

PRELIMS: Emma Bonney beat Eva Palmius 3-0, Maria Catalano beat So Man Yan 3-1, Jaique Ip Wan In beat Jasmine Bolsover 3-0, Yu Ching Ching beat Marianne Williams 3-0.

QUARTER-FINALS: Ng On Yee (31, 58 ) beat Bonney 3-0, Catalano beat Chitra Magimairaj 3-1, Reanne Evans (41, 45, 55, 57, 59) beat Ip Wan In 3-0, Yu beat Hannah Jones 3-0.

SEMI-FINALS: Catalano (48, 54, 57) beat Ng 4-0, Evans (30, 30, 60) beat Yu 4-0.

FINAL (£400/£200): Evans (100, 60, 117) beat Catalano (44) 6-3.    

Billiards champion Emma Bonney and tournament director Clive Scott.
Photograph ©Vicky Carter - used by Pro9 with express permission.


THREE-ball aficionado Emma Bonney has claimed her seventh world billiards title

The 36-year-old from Portsmouth defeated Eva Palmius 329-207 in the final at Cambridge Snooker Centre.

Clive Scott supplied the trophies and ran the event for the World Ladies Billiards & Snooker Association. John Benson donated the £100 prize for the champion.


ROUND ROBIN: Emma Bonney (30, 32) beat Eva Palmius 230-154, Bonney (31, 31, 36) beat Gaye Jones 279-72, Bonney (30) beat Maureen Rowland 295-60, Palmius (30) beat Jones 141-112, Palmius beat Rowland 206-41, Jones beat Rowland 128-46.

FINAL (£100/£50): Bonney beat Palmius 329-207.

PLATE FINAL (£25/£15): Jones beat Rowland 83-59.

Mandy Fisher returns as WLBSA chairman

MANDY Fisher has returned as chairman of the World Ladies Billiards & Snooker Association after a two-year break.

The former women’s professional world champion founded the WLBSA in 1981 and ran it for 30 years.

World champion Reanne Evans said she was “very happy” to see Fisher back at the helm.

Fisher’s election follows the resignation of chairman Brian Harvey, treasurer Tina Owen-Sevilton and web co-ordinator Rob Shirley.

Vicky Carter will assume the dual role of secretary and treasurer

Ladies Pairs winners Ng On Yee, tournament director Steve Markham, So Man Yan
Photograph ©Vicky Carter - used by Pro9 with express permission.


ROUND-ROBIN RESULTS: Ng On Yee (31, 43, 54) & So Man Yan (47) beat Laura Alves & Fran Calvert 2-0, Maureen Rowland & Tatjana Vasiljeva (40) beat Alves & Calvert 2-0, Ng & So drew 1-1 with Rowland & Vasiljeva.

FINAL (£100/£50): Ng & So beat Rowland & Vasiljeva 2-0.

Mixed Pairs winners, Fran Calvert, tournament director Steve Markham, Aidan Owens.
Photograph ©Vicky Carter - used by Pro9 with express permission.


SEMI-FINALS: Fran Calvert & Aidan Owens (40, 52, 78 ) beat Tatjana Vasiljeva & Jamie O’Neill (42, 46) 3-1,     Mandy Fisher & Phil Mumford (35, 40, 62) beat Jasmine & Gavin Bolsover 3-0.

FINAL (£130/£80): Calvert & Owens (38, 38, 58 ) beat Fisher & Mumford (48, 49, 53) 3-2.

Seniors winner Jenny Poulter (left) and WLBSA chairman Mandy Fisher.
Photograph ©Vicky Carter - used by Pro9 with express permission.


QUARTER-FINALS: Gaye Jones beat Laura Alves 2-0, Jenny Poulter beat Eva Palmius 2-0, Marianne Williams beat Martina Lumsden 2-1, Chris Sharpe beat Maureen Rowland 2-0.

SEMI-FINALS (£20): Poulter beat Jones 2-0, Williams beat Sharpe 2-0.

FINAL (£90/£40): Poulter beat Williams 3-0.    

Plate winner Tatjana Vasiljeva.
Photograph ©Vicky Carter - used by Pro9 with express permission.


GROUP 1: Jenny Poulter beat Weronika Nowicka 3-0, Poulter beat So Man Yan 2-1, So beat Nowicka 2-1.

GROUP 2: Vicky Carter beat Laura Alves 3-0, Eva Palmius beat Carter 2-1, Palmius beat Alves 3-0.

GROUP 3: Marianne Williams beat Chris Sharpe 2-0.

GROUP 4: Tatjana Vasiljeva (52 break) beat Maureen Rowland 2-1, Vasiljeva beat Jasmine Bolsover 3-0, Rowland beat Bolsover 3-0.

SEMI-FINALS: Vasiljeva beat Palmius 2-0, Poulter beat Williams 2-1.

FINAL: Vasiljeva beat Poulter 3-0.


FINAL (£25/£15): Hannah Jones (44 break) beat Jasmine Bolsover 3-0.


Reanne Evans (Dudley, West Mids)
Maria Catalano (Dudley, West Mids)
Emma Bonney (Portsmouth)
Eva Palmius (Isleham, Cambs)
Jenny Poulter (Maidstone)
Chris Sharpe (Chelmsford)
Marianne Williams (Smallfield, Surrey)
Gaye Jones (Melksham, Wilts)
Maureen Rowland (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear)
Jasmine Bolsover (Woking)
Tatjana Vasiljeva (Latvia)
Yu Ching Ching (Hong Kong)
Jaique Ip Wan In (Hong Kong)
So Man Yan (Hong Kong)
Ng On Yee (Hong Kong)
Chitra Magimairaj (India)
Vicky Carter (Sandy, Beds)
Hannah Jones (Derby)
Laura Alves (Dublin)
Weronika Nowicka (Poland)
Mandy Fisher (Wisbech, Cambs) Mixed Doubles only
Fran Calvert (Lowestoft) Ladies and Mixed Doubles only
Martina Lumsden (Eastbourne) Seniors only


Emma Bonney (Portsmouth)
Eva Palmius (Isleham, Cambs)
Gaye Jones (Melksham, Wilts)
Maureen Rowland (Wallsend, Tyne & Wear)

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